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Huilang does not accumulate wealth by unfair means, but to offer high-cost performance camping hammocks and gears and to pursue the fair business relationship with any of the partners to achieve a double win work we could both benefit from.
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Case Study

Before meeting us, Mr. Seth had spent five years finding a factory in the US that can do his custom-base hammock with a quantity of fewer than 200 pieces.
We had made out 3 prototypes in 2 days before his visiting to let him have the real sample for checking. He was surprised by our rapid and the level of execution, as same as the quality and the manufacturing cost.
Even when we told him that we would like to help to offer drop shipping service, he was shocked. He asked us why would your guys want to do my small order and offer great service?
The answer is to come ture every our friend and client's dream is our dream, it is the root nature of huilang.

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