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Continuous Loop

1/8 UHMWPE cord Continuous Loop. Breaking strength 500 LBS. 8 inch or customized length. For hammock, gathering ends.  

Daisy Chain Webbing

1-inch daisy chain webbing. breaking strength 1500 LB.

UHMWPE Poly Webbing

1 inch UHMWPE fiber 70% mixed with 30% high tensile polyester fiber. 5.6 gram per foot. Breaking strength? 1500 LB. Bar tacking service, daisy chain loops, box sewing. Can be used for hammock camping straps, whoopie sling. Little slip when using it with cinch buckles.

UHMWPE Webbing Black And White

1 inch UHMWPE Webbing. Nature color 100%. Breaking strength 1500 LB.

Whoopie Sling

1/8 UHMWPE fiber cord whoope sling Breaking strength 1000 lb. 9-foot length or customize the length. Could be used as a hammock ridgeline or continuous loops. The super-light way to hang your hammocks. Hammock Ridgeline Sample:

Dyneema Straps

Load capacity: 1500 LBS 10 Feet length, adjustable Made of? UHMWPE material Weight: 8 gram per foot

Hammock Suspension Kit-1000 lbs

Item No. : HL-straps 005 1000 lbs capacity Hammock suspension kit -full fit for most of the hammocks

Hammock Tree Straps- Cinch Buckle -Polyester

Item No. : HL-straps 003 Loading capacity : 550 lbs 1 set : 2 pieces straps Cinch buckle adjustment Polyester material

Straps for hammock

Webbing: High strength polyester Thickness: 2 MM Width: 2.5 CM Capacity: 1000 LBS Daisy loops or cinch buckle Stuff sack:? Yes. Logo type: Print or woven pacthes

Straps for Tree Polyester

High Strength polyester webbing Load capactiy: 1600 LBS 2.5 CM width, 2mm thickness


ITEM NO. : ULTRALIGHT DAISY CHAIN - UHMWPE Width : 25 mm or 20 mm Weight : 18 g per meter Customized label is available