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Are Hammock Hang Tags Necessary?How To Creat Your Own Personalized Ones ?

1.What are hammock Hangtags?

It is a tag attached to your camping hammocks that includes information about your brand, the hammock fabric, and material used, the model number and size, care instructions, social media, or the price, etc.

2. Are Hammock Tags Necessary?

Yes, they are,  they build brand recognition.

Hangtag is not a thing just there to tell the customer how much your hammock costs. It should work to attract attention. Tell the customers all about your company and this project, and what they can expect from your hammocks.

Not only are they important for the end-user, but they can support brand identity and increase awareness.

3. What Should be on my hammock hangtag?

a. Your brand logo and story

For Example :
xx brand turns our passion for nature into high-quality outdoor products that fuel your spontaneous yet purposeful adventures. Whether you are new to the great outdoors or an experienced adventurer, we provide the gear you require to make the most out there, in the worlds’ biggest playgroud.

b. Hammock specifications

This area is important for the client to know the hammock, it might include :

  • Brand: xx
  • Product: Single/ Double Hammock
  • Material: 210 T parachute nylon
  • Size: 118*78 inches / 108*55 inches
  • Maximum capacity: 500 lbs
  • Weight: 2.91 lbs
c. hammock features

✔ Large Size:

✔ Soft & comfortable & Breathable :

✔  Super Strong & Durable :

✔ Ultralight & compact:

✔ Easy to Install:

✔ Perfect Price:

✔ Everything You Need:

✔ 100% Guarantee :



d. Thank you for support your business

Thank you for your clients purchasing the hammocks. And never forget to offer an additional discount for calling them to join your group.

e. Custom service and social media

No doubt, there should have an obvious contact way for the consumers, allow them to contact you easily if they meet any questions!

f. Warranty

Make the promise of a warranty on your hammock hangtags, that helps you build your brand trust, and have loyal clients.

4. What Styles of Hangtags Can I have ?

you can have any shape of the hangtags
Play your creativity

You can have any shape of the hangtags.
People like beautiful things, a pretty hangtag design adds a lot of value to your hammocks. Think out of the box, then make it unique.

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