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How to distinguish hammock fabric?

How to distinguish hammock fabric, Polyester Taffeta vs Nylon Taffeta vs Ripstop Nylon ?

And what is parachute nylon? Polyester taffeta: It is made to imitate silk taffeta, they are usually used as clothing lining cloth, smooth and bright.

Nylon taffeta : It is a lightweight material made out of synthetic nylon fibers, durable and lightweight.

Ripstop Nylon: with extra thick threads added for tear resistance on nylon taffeta, when small tears occur in the hammock, these small squares prevent the tears from being bigger.

Generally, parachute nylon is ripstop nylon. It is easy to see differences between nylon taffeta and ripstop, but the polyester fabric is nearly the same as the nylon,

we can distinguish them from the following five aspects. *1. Touch feeling: polyester feels hard, the sounds of polyester fabric friction is clear, nylon sounds like hoarse.

*2. Color: polyester has a shiny metallic color. *3. Crease Level: polyester is hard to have a crease, but nylon is easier to be creased.

*4. Price: if you have the hammock made less than $3.8 , then it must be polyester. * 5. you can burn it to see the smoke, polyester has black smoke, while the nylon is white .

Now, see from the picture, which one is polyester?

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