Taihe Huilang Factory

BSCI Factory Audit

BSCI Factory Audit

Congratulate to Huilang Outdoor to Reach the C Rating ( Acceptable Level) By BSCI Audit.

DBID: 406598 and  Audit Id: 201264 

Audit Date: 17/12/2020

Audit Type: Full Audit

Below is the section from the BSCI report about the introduction to Taihe Huilang Outdoor


(Uniform Code of Social Credit: 91341222MA2MR9TP1H) was located at No.165 WangZhai Village, ShiZhuang Village Committee, Cai Miao Town, Taihe County, Fuyang, Anhui, China.

The factory was registered in 2015 and, in 2016, moved to the present address.

The factory was specialized in the manufacturing of Outdoor products (Hammocks, blankets, Mats, Tarp, and etc.).

Main production activities included Cutting, Sewing, Finishing (Inspection and Packing).

The factory was mainly composed of one 3-story building as office and home of the boss (2F and 3F), and three 1-story buildings as workshops and warehouses.

The factory did not provide a kitchen, canteen, or dormitory. The total construction area used by the factory was about 1,850 square meters and the area of the campus was about 2,668 square meters according to the management statement and document review.

On the audit day, there was a total of 48 employees on the roster. Among them, 46 employees were production workers.

As per the management interview, the peak season was not obvious in past 12 months. Based on document review and management interview, it was noted that all employees in the factory were paid at an hourly rate. Wages were paid by cash around 30th every month for the preceding month. The factory used an ID card attendance system to record employees working hours. The regular working hours were from 7:30 to 16:30 with a lunch break from 11:30 to 12:30.

Normal working days were from Monday to Friday. Overtime was arranged for 2 hours on weekdays and for 8 hours on Saturdays. During the current audit, payroll records from November 2019 to October 2020 and attendance records from November 2019 to the audit day were provided for review. The auditor randomly selected 8 samples from October 2020 (current month), 6 samples from August 2020 (Random month), and 6 samples from March 2020 (Random month) for verification.

Li Zhuang / Factory Director, Zhang Xu / Trading Company Representative, Ji Jun / First aider, and Zhang XiaoQian / Worker representative from sewing section participated in the opening (started at 8:00) and closing meeting (end at 16:30). The auditor communicated the findings in detail to them and allowed them to ask questions and make any needed clarifications.

Finally, they agreed on the findings and signed the on-site audit findings report.

Remark: 1. The audit was conducted on 17 December 2020 by ALGI auditor, Frank Zhou (lead auditor), with APSCA registration No. RA 21703847.

2. The local legal minimum wage standard was RMB 1,180 per month (or equivalent to RMB 6.78 per hour) since 01 November 2018.

3. There was no agency or contracted worker used by the factory, and no government waivers and collective bargaining agreements were provided during the audit, which led to not apply for documents of the agency labor contract, contractor permits, government waivers, and collective bargaining agreement not applicable.

4. The factory established the procedure to calculate the local basic living wage. Thus, the auditor used basic living wage (RMB 1,727.00 per month, TaiHeVillage) which based on the data from factory investigation. The payment to all workers was higher than the standard.

5. The actual location of the factory was about 0.5 KM from the address on the business license, No.30 YinYao Village, YinYao Village Committee, Cai Miao Town, Taihe Country. The factory did not update the information on the business license because two places were administrated by the same branch of the local market monitoring administration bureau. The officer did not require the factory to change the information before.

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