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Frequently Asked Questions about hammock

About Hammock Customization

Q: Can I customize my own hammock brand, color and size?

Yes you can. our aim is to help every client create their own brand and keep good quality. So you can provide your customized files about logo, color and size, we will give you satisfactory works.

About Hanging a Hammock

Q: What are hammock hanging methods?

Hammocks can be hung to a strong wall, a tree or even on your balcony. The ends should be hung about 4-6 feet from the ground, so that it hangs down to around between your knees and your hips. You can use rope or strong cords for poles and trees.

Q: What’s the distance and height to hang a hammock?

The best distance for a hammock is between 13-16 feet. The closer your anchor points are the more curved your hammock will be. The ideal distance for any hammock is about two feet more than the entire length of the hammock when measured from ring to ring. The recommended height for the placement of the tree hook is between 4 and 6 feet.

About Using a Hammock

Q: How do you get in and out of a hammock?

To get into the hammock, sit down carefully in the centre (as if sitting on a chair) before turning around and lifting your feet in. Lying diagonally or straight across the hammock allows you to lie flatter, enabling a better posture for sleeping. To get out of the hammock – put your feet on the ground, sit up and then stand up.

Q: Are there any important safety precautions I should take when using my hammock?

Don’t exceed your hammock’s stated weight limit. Always place your weight in the centre of your hammock, not on either edge. Don’t allow young children to use the hammock without adult supervision. Don’t EVER place infants in any hammock. Don’t allow your children to jump up and down in your hammock or use it like a playground swing. Not only is this extremely dangerous, but it puts excessive wear and tear on the hammock and its hanging hardware.

Q: What should I do if my hammock starts rotating?

This is about a Mayan hammock, the hammock without spreader bars… If movement or a breeze starts you swaying, spread your arms and legs out over each side of the hammock and you’ll slow down. That also helps to eliminate any angular momentum that will tend to make you rotate. If you’re tall enough, put one foot on the ground to stabilize you.

Q: Is it machine washable?
A: Hand washing is nice, but you can certainly throw the hammocks in your washing machine if it needs a bath or if you want to soften the fabric even more. High intensity fabric colors may shift or fade. We’ve dried the hammocks in a clothes dryer on a low heat setting without any problems, but cannot recommend that you do the same. Hanging out to air-dry is always a safe bet for synthetic fabrics with chunky metal accouterments.

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